Racquet Stringing and Care

Having someone string your racquet and know your “Tennis Game” is extremely important when it comes time to play a match.

With over 20 years of competitive play experience, I have play-tested over a hundred different strings from steel strings to pure Eel Gut strings that are oily.

The strings we carry in-stock are strings I believe in. They all have different moods or characteristics like Stiff, Soft, Feel, Power, Spin, Bite.

The goal is to get the best performance from your racquet.

All I need from you is:

  • Your play style and level of play?
  • What is your current tension in  Pounds LBS.
  • Current favorite strings and why?
  • What do you want to accomplish or have MORE of ?  Feel, Softness, Durability, Power, Spin, Bite, Winning?
  • Do you want Pick up and Delivery? ( $10 to $15 Extra Service Fee)

It is in my Professional opinion that each string and racquet combination has a optimal stringing tension for each player.  The right combination it can unlock your game, I will help you find it.



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