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Swing trainer, I own and highly Recommend for building swing speed.


Great Beginner Intermediate and Advance Control Tennis Racquet.  This racquet has been around for years. and if you want to start off right use this.

The most consistent Tennis ball out there for matches practice or play.

I own these and they are loud, with great bass, clear on calls. I highly recommend.

This is by far the best book on the mental game of tennis. I own and still reference to this day.

I own the hard copy. I will be getting the audio to listen while I drive.

This is the work out and recovery shake I use.

I own this and it works amazing.  I had an open can that I used the balls for like 20 minutes. I put the used balls in this ball saver, forgot about it for 2 months lost in my car.  Randomly found this and the balls were as good as when I left them 2 plus months ago. I highly recommend if you like to hit and you want your tennis balls to last.

Tennis Sneakers / Tennis shoes are the most important tennis equipment to buy. Tennis sneakers are not cheap.  Nike runs small, Addidas and Asics run narrow and wilson changes from to big or to short, bad sizing is bad for your tennis…  The last 4 years using head tennis sneakers  I never had an issue with fitting.  I have a normal foot and the head tennis sneakers have been the most consistent. For a tennis sneaker that’s under $100 dollars sacrifice some looks but will perform and you don’t have to think bout fitting over the years. You save money and time. I usually buy about 5 to 7 pairs at this price, they typically can last between 3 to a year.  The more expensive Head  tennis shoes usually come with a 6 month Guarantee . which head is very good on, simply ship back the shoes to head and they send you a new pair. P.S if you plan on doing this, make sure to get a paper copy receipt Head requires an original receipt.

This is a fun and awesome affordable Gift for your tennis player or for yourself, here is the link for the silver here.

I hate to like these, But I like them and they are very good.

Theses are the best socks for any sport but the most essential for tennis players. The added padding help prevent blisters and swollen feet in my experience in using them.

I own and use this smart watch for training, cycling, swimming, jogging, and tennis. Whats great about it is the fact that the battery lasts a long time.  Its a classic looking watch which can be used for all occasions.  Here are some good sport watch bands links as well