Junior Tennis Academy

The CoachV Junior Tennis Academy is a complete tennis program that provides intermediate and advance Juniors the high performance coaching and resources they need for success.

Players are educated and challenged on work ethic, decision making, and professionalism on and off the court to create a foundation for success in the world of tennis and their lives.

The CoachV Junior Tennis Academy is perfect for students working towards making their Varsity or JV school tennis teams, and/or getting or achieving higher state, regional, and national rankings.

Evaulation is required for entry. Please register here.

CoachV Tennis Academy 6 Sessions / $200
(We request a minimum 2 days a week commitment.)
  • 2 hours a session
  • 10 minute stretch
  • 20 minutes conditioning and strength workout
  • 30 minute session on tactics, technique and mental focus
  • 30 minutes drills and point construction situations
  • 30 minutes game play and matches.