Private Tennis Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons

Do I need Private tennis Lessons?

Answer: YES!!! Register Here

Private tennis lessons and coaching help you learn & improve your tennis fast through one-on-one instruction.

Can I Get Better at Tennis Without Private Tennis Lessons?

Answer: Yes, BUT…

A Good Tennis coach will give you feedback on what you are doing so that you can correct and improve.  Most players don’t do enough research to find the right coach. They go whats cheap and convenient. Then those same tennis players At any level they get tennis skills that are cheap and don’t allow them to grow or win.  Adult or kids playing tennis for the first time usually quit because most coaches do a job rather than help students learn and play. Tennis is a game, it should be fun, its fun to win!!!

I am Just starting Tennis, I Don’t know if I would Like it. Should I do private lessons or Group Lessons?

Answer: all depends on Hand Eye Coordination and Athletic Skills.

Coach V and or staff will do a free trial tennis lessons usually about 15 min to an hour based  available time.  Coach V will give you an honest opinion on what’s needed. However Be forewarned Its 101% honest.

Private tennis lessons are 1 hour sessions.  We also offer a discount package By investing in package it will save you time and money.  #BetterTennisFastandSimple

Hands on help and tennis instruction

Private lessons provide:

  • Personal and individualized instruction
  • The ability to learn new skills faster than using books, videos, ball machines or your own trial & error
  • Semi-Privates helps share the cost. Best with players equal level or double partners.
  • Tournament Training / Hitting Sessions to improve match Tactics & strategies
  • Insight and feedback to bring your tennis game to its full potential.

Tennis Lesson can be given at our in Acworth or travel to your location when the schedule allows.  Tennis Lessons Areas also in Marietta, East Cobb, Kennesaw, West Cobb.

Results of Private Tennis Lessons
  • Acworth Paces Club or at your Location  –  $75 for 1 hour or $300 for 5 hour package (Buy 4 and Get 1 hour free)